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Prologo - inktober 2018 - 11

"Si può? Si può?
Signore! Signori! Scusatemi
Se da sol mi presento. Io sono il Prologo..."

A little anecdote about this character:

On my honeymoon, I went to an opera house to see the play "Pagliacci", it was my first time and I would not know what to expect, the music started and what happened was the following, suddenly from the musicians section, two white gloves came out of nowhere, after this, this guy in a massive black clown suit climbed the boards and began to sing, introduced himself, was the prologue of the story.

It was a strong way to open the play, for such a #cruel story

this more or less was the appearance of the character

#inktober #inktober2018 #inktoberecuador #pagliacci

Josh matts inktober2018 11b