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The "Pineappulus Pizzorulum" had been completed - Inktober 2018 - 31

And for his last Trick, Romulus the sorcerer, made the darkest and most forbidden summoning of all.

Hated by many, beloved by few, the combination of this dark spell is considered an abomination among his colleagues and he knew it.

The "Pineappulus Pizzorulum" had been completed, do you want a #slice?

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And with this my inktober project ends this year, I managed to complete the 31 days, that makes me very happy, if you have followed me all these days, I thank you for every sample of support you gave me and I hope to continue making art what you might like

It was great to meet so many good artists and their art work through this event and I hope to continue doing so with each year of the event.

A big hug to all who participated and who were on the road, you guys rock!!!

Josh matts inktober2018 31